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Lawyer Consultation Divorce – It is a great idea to consult a divorce attorney for free. Many divorce attorneys offer free or low-cost consultations. However, lawyers sometimes do a bad job of explaining them. Moreover, consultations vary from law office to law office. This ambiguity can create confusion and frustration during consultation.

A free consultation with a divorce attorney is like a job interview. At the consultation you will ask questions from multiple applicants. In this case, the applicants are different divorce lawyers.

Lawyer Consultation Divorce

Consultation has many benefits. First, the lawyer needs to know that he or she is qualified to handle your situation. In the case of Majeski Law, most people find the firm through the Internet. So, callers know that the firm works in divorce and family law. However, some people call with legal questions outside the scope of this practice.

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Second, it allows the lawyer to judge the case within his or her jurisdiction. For example, Majeski Law is a Minnesota-only firm. Working near the Wisconsin border, we sometimes get calls from Wisconsin families that we need to get away from.

Third,   it gives potential clients an opportunity to evaluate the lawyer and his or her firm. Questions typically focus on the attorney’s practice, procedural questions, and cost. These consultations should usually last no longer than 15-30 minutes.

A divorce attorney or good legal assistant can consult with you and answer any questions you may have. Therefore, even if you are not receiving any free legal advice or counsel, there is still considerable value in the consultation.

Hiring a lawyer requires legal guidance and a lawyer. At a free consultation with an attorney, a divorce attorney typically does not provide substantive legal advice or guidance about how to proceed or what steps you may want to take next.

Divorce Lawyer Las Vegas Free Consultation

First, lawyers pay for service professionals. Providing legal advice is a service. Everyone knows getting paid for your work. It’s no different than going to the doctor’s office. Patients pay doctors even just for diagnosis.

Patients see a doctor because they lack the necessary knowledge and experience to diagnose themselves. So,   they pay the doctor for these services. Similarly, when one hires a lawyer, he or she pays for the lawyer’s legal knowledge, experience and expertise.

Second, phone consultations generally do not provide the attorney with sufficient information. A lawyer cannot give complete information based on a phone call.

Third, free legal advice creates ethical problems. This is related to the second point. Lawyers should not give advice without fully understanding the situation. Also, giving advice may create ambiguity about the lawyer’s role with the person receiving the advice. If it is false and a potential client relies on that information, the lawyer may be liable.

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Therefore, if you are looking for a free consultation for free legal advice, it may annoy you and waste your time.

1. You ensure that the lawyer practices in family law and has experience similar to your own family cases.

Usually the firm’s marketing takes care of it by clearly stating what types of cases and the attorney practices, but it’s always a good idea to double check.

Especially with large law firms, you want to make sure that the attorney representing you in your divorce case not only remains the same attorney throughout your divorce, but that he or she practices in both divorce and family law. Considerable experience with divorce and family law cases.

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2. You ensure that the attorney can devote the time and effort your divorce case deserves and that he or she is not currently overloaded with other matters.

It is reasonable to ask during the consultation about the attorney’s caseload to ensure that he or she can serve you as a client.

3. You confirm that the lawyer has no conflict of interest or any other ethical reason why he or she cannot represent you.

To accomplish this goal, a divorce attorney will request basic information about you and your divorce case. This includes your full name, location and your spouse’s full name. It is the attorney’s responsibility to notify you immediately if he or she is unable to speak with or represent you due to a conflict of interest.

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4. You ensure that any questions you have about the lawyer or firm are answered in advance.

5. You ensure that you understand the legal policies of the attorney and the firm, such as the retainer amount and the attorney’s hourly rate.

6. You increase your chances of finding a lawyer who is a good fit for you. As a result, you are more likely to be satisfied with his or her services in the end.

7. Consultation allows you to shop around so you can find the best attorney for you. You are not bound to a divorce attorney just because you are involved in consultation. Instead, the attorney-client relationship is created only after you both sign some sort of engagement letter, which comes later.

Free Consultation With A Divorce Lawyer

For other divorce or family law questions, please consult the list to the left or the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you are interested in retaining an attorney to assist you, please feel free to contact my office for a consultation using the contact information on the left or the contact form on the Majeski Law home page. For Court Rules, please click here. Reaching out to a divorce attorney for an initial consultation can seem intimidating. There are many factors to consider and you may not know what questions to ask.

It’s good to be prepared so you can understand how a lawyer can help you navigate the divorce process and whether they’ll fit your needs. Here is a list of questions to ask a divorce attorney at your first meeting to better understand the divorce process and their qualifications.

Ask about the divorce process and their background experience 1. How much experience do you have in divorce and is this your specialty?

Experience counts. Often, a lawyer or law firm’s qualifications are listed on their website, but ask what they specialize in. Are they familiar with divorce law, family law cases, or another area? Once you know what their specialty is, find out how much experience they have. How many and what types of divorce cases have they handled? Were they settled out of court?

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If you have children and a custody issue, you will want a family lawyer who has experience handling child custody cases. If you are concerned about spousal support, you need an attorney experienced in handling such cases.

You may want to ask what you and your spouse will do during the divorce process. How much does it cost including filing fees? How much longer will it take? What steps should you go through?

If you think your divorce case may go to trial, you can ask a lawyer about how the judge will decide your case. This is another reason why it is helpful to know that the attorney you are consulting with has experience in the divorce case you are filing. They will learn about the laws in your state and how courts often decide issues like property division, child custody, child support, and spousal support in cases like yours.

Tell the lawyer you’re consulting about your case, whether you plan to contest it, and ask how long your divorce process will take in the state you’re filing.

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There are many types of divorce cases. Explain how you intend to proceed and ask the attorney which categories may apply to your preferred procedure. Do you think your case will be an at-fault or no-fault case? Are you open to mediation or arbitration? Would you consider a collaborative divorce, in which attorneys for both parties work together to resolve the case amicably? These are some questions you may want to discuss to determine the best way forward.

Depending on the type of your case, you may ask whether you need to enter into settlement agreements. An Amortal Settlement Agreement allows divorcing spouses to agree on the terms of their divorce. Such an agreement is a legally binding document that can touch on a range of topics from spousal support (alimony) to child visitation (parenting time) to property distribution. This may involve a process of offers and counteroffers with you and your spouse. It’s a good idea to ask a lawyer how this process works.

You may want to ask how the negotiation process works depending on how each spouse takes it. The attorney you’re talking to should be experienced in such negotiations, so they can tell you what to expect.

The lawyer you talk to may not be the only one working on your case. If you decide to, ask if other attorneys or individuals are involved and what services they perform

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