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Lawyer Consultation Fee Ontario – Need a quick consultation from an employment lawyer? Navigating Ontario employment law can be complex and confusing. Get straightforward, practical advice from a lawyer in the field, all from the comfort of your home or office with our employment law consultations. Same day is available.

We are not a traditional company. Dutton Employment Law only makes inquiries; we do not receive clients or deal with their affairs after consultation. See our terms here.

Lawyer Consultation Fee Ontario

Dutton Employment Law is for individuals or businesses looking for a quick one-hour chat about their employment law issues, not for those looking to hire a lawyer to handle a matter after the consultation.

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Dutton’s Employment Law was created as a simple source to answer your employment law questions in a cost-effective and timely manner.

All consultations are conducted with an Ontario law school trained and LSO licensed attorney with almost 10 years experience in employment law.

In addition, we can refer you to one of dozens of suitable attorneys in various specialties that we respect who can represent you if you need to proceed with your matter. We do not collect referral fees from you or other attorneys; we only drive our revenue from inquiries.

Individuals and businesses often use our consultation service to review an employment contract, discuss the reasonableness of a severance package or consider a potential constructive dismissal.

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Many employment law firms offer free consultations for severance packages, but no law firm we know of offers free consultations for all types of employment law issues (such as contracts or HR advice, for example).

That’s why we offer paid consultations at affordable prices to advise you on any employment law matter and we guarantee that you will be speaking to a lawyer with almost ten years of experience.

Also, you can appreciate that since we’re not looking for an alderman with you after our consultation, we’ll be pretty straight forward.

Although we are located in Toronto, we are licensed to practice throughout Ontario and receive inquiries from clients anywhere in the world on Ontario employment law matters.

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After you call to set up your phone or Zoom consultation, a licensed Ontario employment lawyer, Jeffrey Dutton, will listen to your story, ask questions about facts you may be missing, and analyze your employment law issue before offering you a opinion

If you have been made redundant (fired, fired) or have any questions about employment law (eg contracts, constructive dismissal, human rights), the employment lawyer will advise you if you have a case.

At the end of the consultation, we’ll tell you what steps you should consider taking (if any), how long your matter might take, who you should hire, and how much it will cost to see an employment lawyer if you need one. We do not charge or accept referral fees.

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Fill out the form to book a consultation (60 minutes). We are happy to discuss anything related to employment law and human resources at your consultation.

There is no obligation to hire our law firm because we do not offer any other legal services except employment legal advice consultations. That way, we’re well-positioned to provide direct and straightforward advice, whether it’s good news or bad news from your perspective.

We will be happy to answer any employment law questions. For example, if you need a revised new employment contract, we will do this at our consultation.

After consulting with the attorney, there is no obligation to hire our law firm because we do not retain clients after the consultation. This way, there will be no sales.

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If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you directly and refer you to someone who can. We want what’s best for you.

I will review the facts you include in the form, analyze and investigate the issues, and read the documents you upload before our consultation, free of charge.

I usually ask what you want to get out of this query and then move on to asking you for the facts, often asking for things you haven’t thought of.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind. We want you to ask us everything (there are no wrong questions here). Also, asking us questions helps us draw out details about your case that you may have missed or thought were insignificant.

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We will provide you with an in-depth oral opinion. For example, if it’s a litigation matter, we let you know if you have a case, how much it might be worth, how much it might cost, how long it might take, and what your chances of success are.

We look forward to answering all your questions in our inquiry. However, if there are more questions, we can schedule another one. Also, if you need to hire an attorney, we will refer you to one we respect (we do not charge or accept referral fees).

If you received a termination or severance package, we’ll review it on Zoom. If you have been accused of misconduct, we will review the facts. If you have suffered harassment or any violation of your human rights in the workplace, we will analyze your case. Whatever your problem, we will try to find an answer.

Most employees who are laid off, laid off, or laid off owe their employer money. In some cases, in order to obtain the maximum amount of funds, employees may require the services of an employment lawyer to advise and act on their behalf. Don’t sign anything until you talk to a lawyer!

Legal Fee Payment Options

Small and medium businesses that use may require more than one query per month should consider our subscription plans.

With our job consulting subscription plans, unlike our regular consultations, we’ll also draft, research and review documents outside of Zoom for you. Please note that with subscription plans, we do not conduct disputes on your behalf. We just meet on Zoom or in drafts, research and review documents.

Subscription plans will be billed monthly and your credit card will be charged automatically each billing cycle until you cancel.

I will not represent you after our consultation. I don’t draft memos or create contracts or take your case to court. My only service is Zoom one-on-one legal consultation.

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You agree that the only task I will handle is the consultation. You further agree that I have limited your services to one consultation only, and therefore you are at risk that you will not have ongoing legal representation for your matter after the consultation. In many cases, it may be wiser to hire an attorney who does consultations and provides full legal representation after the consultation.

While I have a duty to keep everything you tell me in the strictest confidence, avoid conflicts of interest, and provide you with the most professional service, again, I am not your attorney after our consultation. This means that I will not help you if you have further legal needs/questions unless you book an additional consultation.

I require a prepayment of $249 for your consultation (payment is accepted on the booking form). This is a one-time, non-recurring charge. This money is not held in trust and does not form a lien.

Your payment is for the consultation only (as I do not provide any services such as representation, writing letters/submissions/notes or ad hoc email advice etc. after the consultation).

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Considering we don’t meet in person in an office, I need the advance payment because it’s the only way I can make sure I get paid for my work.

If you are not satisfied with our consultation, please contact me within seven days and I will refund your payment. My goal is to leave you satisfied and feel that the consultation was worthwhile.

If you want to cancel our consultation before it takes place, I will refund you as long as you give me three hours notice.

After you have completed your purchase, we will send you a booking which has its own standard law firm terms and conditions and we will have a free call to discuss how we can move forward together.

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Severance packages are usually just the minimum an employer thinks they can convince you to agree to. These severance packages often have fast approaching dates to re-sign before the employee “loses” the offer. This is misleading; employees are owed what they are owed, regardless of what the employer offers, and only a lawyer can achieve the maximum on behalf of an unfairly dismissed employee. Accordingly, before you sign a release or severance package, call our Toronto employment law group to speak with a labor and employment lawyer for a consultation.

In a termination package review, an attorney meets with a client to review the terms of a termination

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