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What Does A Business Intelligence Developer Do – Business intelligence is the process of capturing, storing and analyzing data to give the company an advantage over competitors. It is a role that is tasked with leveraging all the data that is generated inside and outside the company. This data can help give advantages over competitors. BI is data-driven and involves technology capable of predicting future trends. The goal is to use data to make informed business decisions. It involves creating and managing systems, and makes use of software tools and applications that process business insights, enabling data-driven decision-making.

BI developers work to design, develop and maintain BI solutions and strategies. They help develop a business intelligence system and analytics that can improve the organization’s efficiency and performance. The role of Business Intelligence Developer plays a large part in shaping the future of a company. They are the ones who take a company’s raw data and turn it into valuable information that can be analyzed to make informed decisions. The BI developer is a highly skilled person who can handle large databases and complex programming.

What Does A Business Intelligence Developer Do

From coding to monitoring debugging to designing or deploying newly developed tools, they handle everything. A BI developer spends time analyzing data visualizations, and creating plans to overcome problems within an organization. They are responsible for building online analytical processing (OLAP). They work with relational and multidimensional databases.

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Regardless of the size of an organization, when people have the right information at the right time, they can make informed decisions and execute effectively – and this makes the roles of a BI developer important. The role of a BI developer is prominent in large workplaces such as IT companies. Most BI developer positions require technical background and experience in commercial enterprise areas. The nature of the role makes it easy for professionals looking for a career change, specifically people who are curious about IT/software.

BI developers are required in every industry, including finance, software, manufacturing and other entities that need technology solutions. The role of a Business Intelligence developer is strategic as they tend to optimize business operations with useful insights that support daily activities as well as address future market conditions. Their insight helps organizations run more efficiently. Working with business budget data to produce insightful reports and dashboards that can guide strategic decision-making can be an important aspect of your job as a business intelligence developer.

Data engineers make data accessible for BI developers to work on. Their primary job is to extract data from source systems, and transform and load the data into the data warehouse. Their role is more of a highly technical language, so it requires more programming skills. For detailed information on the role of a Data Engineer, view the Data Engineer job description.

Meanwhile, Business Intelligence developers build statistical data models and visualizations that support decision making. BI developers work on data warehouses, development process that generates data sets that are used to visualize the data. They work closer to the business compared to data engineers, so they must have strong business acumen and must know how to communicate effectively about business analysis. Your expertise with Microsoft Power BI as a business intelligence developer will turn your complex datasets into attractive and functional and easy-to-understand reports that can help stakeholders make data-driven decisions.

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The role of a Business Intelligence Developer allows you to be creative. The skills for BI developers are highly adaptable and give you the advantage of transferring to another industry that offers an opportunity for new learning experiences. It is a relatively new field that gives you many opportunities with a competitive salary. According to a data source on Glassdoor, the average salary of a BI developer is £52,497 pa. Click here to apply for the latest BI Developer jobs.

Based on your skills and experience, you can progress from a BI developer to a BI architect and into Data Leadership roles such as Head of Business Intelligence or Head of Data & Analytics.

While both roles involve managing and processing sales volumes of data, a BI developer works primarily in data maintenance and developing data-centric business solutions. A business intelligence analyst works more in data analysis, deriving insights and solutions.

An experienced BI developer can advance into a senior BI developer role, a BI specialist, or a BI director.

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A bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or a business-related field is usually required, but there may be some scope here. If you have completed courses in data analytics, are proficient in programming languages, and can mix data and build dashboards, your background as a data analyst may be sufficient for some companies.

We are looking for a BI developer to join our team. The ideal candidate will design and develop business intelligence solutions that will support the organization’s requirements from internal and external sources. The candidate will play an active part in the projects and help promote growth. If you have excellent business intelligence capabilities, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this role with you in more detail.

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Business Intelligence developers are there to help you handle that process. In simple words, a BI developer is an employee whose main task is to make data understandable for making business decisions.

This profession has become very popular and in demand in recent years. And it seems that his popularity will not go down in the future. According to Stratistics MRC, the global BI market is expected to grow from $15B in 2016 to $29B by 2022. This means that the demand for BI developers will only increase.

Let’s dive deeper and find out who BI developers are, what the main role of BI developers is, and what skills they need to bring value to a business.

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The main role of BI developers is to develop and maintain BI interfaces that help companies gain a better understanding of their data. To make it possible, BI developers build dashboards, data modeling and reporting tools. They can access the database and convert information into various graphs, spreadsheets, reports and other ways of data visualization. On-demand business intelligence for supply chain, e-commerce, healthcare, and many other domains has become a path of digitization, as well as workflow optimization capability.

To clearly understand the roles and responsibilities of BI developers, you need to understand what Business Intelligence actually is. Let’s break it down into components and see the place BI developers take in the entire Business Intelligence chain.

Business Intelligence is divided into three parts that are interconnected. Each of them is typically maintained by different specialists.

Data source layer This layer keeps all the business data in one place. It can be various cloud storage (especially required if you deploy business intelligence in the cloud), databases, and various files full of vital business information. ETL developers are responsible for this layer. This layer is crucial because the following layers are connected to it.

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Warehouse layer Within this layer, all data is transformed for further collection in a single database. The main reason for this process is to standardize all data so that users can query and access it from one place.

Reporting layer This is the layer where all warehouse data is saved and visualized. In other words, it is a BI interface itself. While both data source and warehouse layers are under the responsibility of ETL developers, the reporting layer is where BI developers start working.

Developing a BI interface requires a clear understanding of the business domain. That’s because different companies require different approaches to data visualization. By being aware of such things, BI developers can build well-thought-out solutions.

Types of a Bi interface and their appearance

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