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Education Law Consultation Guernsey – Downloads Consultation results – Draft policy proposals for discrimination legislation Technical draft proposals Summary of draft proposals Priekšlikumu projektu kopsavilkums Podsumowanie wstępnych projektów Resumo de projetos de propostas FAQ for people at risk of discrimination FAQ for employers and service providers FAQ for accommodation providers List of proposed exceptions Summary of draft proposals – Easy-to-read new discrimination legislation: public consultation transcript

During the summer of 2019, the Employment and Social Security Committee consulted on draft policy proposals for new legislation relating to multi-grounds discrimination. In March 2020, the Committee published proposals for new discrimination legislation that would prohibit employers and service providers from discriminating on the basis of disability, carer status and race.

Education Law Consultation Guernsey

You can find the policy letter describing the proposals in more detail as well as the resolutions agreed to by the states at https:///article/176559/Proposals-for-a-New-Discrimination-Ordinance

Equality And Rights Organisation Archives — Guernsey Disability Alliance

Although the proposals contained in the policy letter now replace the consultation, the various documents published as part of the consultation remain available in the downloads section of this page. A report presenting the findings of the consultation is also available for download.

BackgroundAs part of the 2013 Disability and Inclusion Strategy, the States of Guernsey agreed to develop proposed anti-discrimination legislation to protect disabled people and carers. Responsibility for this work was transferred to the Employment and Social Security Committee in 2016. Work on selecting “model” legislation (comparing legislation from other countries) in late 2017 and early 2018 led to wonder if the project should be extended to other countries. a project to develop anti-discrimination legislation covering multiple grounds of protection – and this was accepted by states in June 2018. During the summer and fall of 2018, expert advice was sought on the provisions that the legislation could contain, based on international best practice and drawing on Irish laws and Australian law. The Committee has considered this and has formulated a set of draft proposals which it considers appropriate for Guernsey. The draft proposals published in 2019 are largely inspired by British and Irish legislation. Following the consultation, the Committee further considered the issues raised and undertook further discussions with key parties. The Committee published its policy letter in March 2020.

To add this page to your phone’s home screen, go to the menu button and “Add to Home Screen”. School management committees have called on MPs to shelve proposals for a new education law at today’s states meeting.

Education chair Andrea Dudley-Owen today faces a call from school management committees for states to delay her committee’s proposals for a new education law. (Photo by Luc Le Prévost, 32229437)

Deputies Want To Retain Distance Between Grant Aided Colleges And Esc

MPs yesterday received an email sent on behalf of the primary and secondary phase management committees asking them to consider supporting a stay – a delaying motion – to allow more time for consultation and reconsideration of proposals for a new Education law.

“None of the members of the school management committee came out in favor recently when the education law was presented,” they said.

“Since then, some steering committees have met with all their members, who continue to oppose many elements of the new education law.

“For this reason, once the amendments have been tabled and voted on and the general debate has taken place, could Member States consider a reprieve before summing up education?

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Education, Sport and Culture is calling on the Assembly to support 44 separate proposals as drafting instructions for a new comprehensive law it wants to introduce in September 2025 to replace legislation that in some cases dates back to 1970.

In addition to the request for a reprieve from the school management committees, the ESC faces nine amendments to its proposals. The amendments include several on home schooling and subsidized colleges.

The email sent on behalf of the management committees, which was not forwarded to Guernsey Press by the committees, raised numerous concerns about the ESC’s proposals. But he focused primarily on plans to appoint school governance councils. Each board would have a broad oversight role over a group of schools, but little power.

He criticized the proposed composition, functions and costs of the governance boards. He also claimed there was uncertainty in the proposals over whether the ESC would use governance boards to transfer responsibility for the performance and quality of public schools.

Guernsey Outlines Principles For Future Of Secondary And Post 16 Education

“A reprieve would allow the CES to take into account what was raised [by the steering committees] and under debate.

The ESC said its proposals for a new law are “imperative” and that “the foundation of the education system is the legislative framework that underpins it”. The aim of the review is to modernize the legislation so that it meets educational objectives and aspirations. of modern society, is consistent and aligns with other international legislation and standards.

Education, Sport and Culture is seeking public comment on a number of proposed changes to the Education Act.

In January 2018, the States agreed that the current Education (Guernsey) Act, 1970, would be replaced by a new law setting out the educational goals and aspirations of a modern society. The aim of this review is to modernize the legislation so that it meets Guernsey’s educational objectives and aspirations, is consistent and aligns with other international legislation and standards.

Esc Policy Letter Gets “extensive Mauling” And Dubbed A “car Crash”

The survey can be viewed online here: or a hard copy can be requested from transformingeducation@ or by calling 01481 733000.

Why does the law need to change? It is recognized that the current law has not been fit for purpose for many years. A number of areas such as equal opportunities, home education, special educational needs and disability will be included in the new law. The Act will also provide a legal framework for the operation of schools and higher education, underpinned by the Committee’s overall objectives that the new law be permissive and flexible. Who is consulted? The views of internal stakeholders and selected targeted external stakeholder groups were incorporated through discussions with education professionals and as part of the Education Law Working Group which facilitated the revision. Objective of the new law The new law aims to establish a framework for the provision of an effective, sustainable and flexible public education system. .

Your responses will be treated confidentially and you will not be asked to provide any identifying information.

Survey Monkey stores data on its servers in the United States. As these data centers are located in unauthorized jurisdictions, please read Survey Monkey’s Privacy Policy before providing consent and completing the survey.

Help Now More Accessible From Citizens Advice Thanks To Sure Community Foundation

To add this page to your phone’s home screen, go to the menu button and “Add to Home Screen”. The Education Act, a major work of the previous ESC committee, was shelved. Helen Bowditch examines a leaked copy of the report and its implications

A COMMITMENT has been made that proposals for a new education law will be presented to states within the next 18 months.

MP Andrea Dudley-Owen, chair of the new Department of Education, Sport and Culture, said her committee had inherited ongoing work that had not been formally approved by previous outgoing presidents.

“There is a small group of people, including some of our Assembly colleagues, former politicians and journalists, who continually try to oppose us to the previous commission,” she said.

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“As well as being bad governance, this is a new committee duly elected – both by the electorate and by the Assembly – to direct the policy direction of education, sport and culture and that’s what we’re going to do.

“We will continue to work at pace, learning, researching, taking advice and, with due consideration, making changes to policy, if necessary.”

“Much of the work of the Fallaize committee is being continued by the new committee, for example the completion of the SEND review and the introduction of Ofsted inspections, so that we have an evidence base to work from. There is no question of dismissing or ignoring work undertaken simply because it did not begin on our watch – that would be ridiculous and a waste of valuable taxpayer-funded work and effort. No one has to worry that we will lose the baby with the bathwater.

Several policymakers questioned why the new education bill had not reached the United States even though it was almost ready for passage last October, before the election.

Companies (guernsey) Law, 2008

An extensive public consultation with more than 500 responses from organizations and individuals has already been carried out.

“For resource-intensive policy work like the education law, it would be a dereliction of duty to simply take someone else’s work and submit it to the states for debate without reviewing the political context in relation to the strategic direction of the current committee and without taking into account the strategic direction of the current committee. adjustments are necessary. “The current law was passed in 1970, but its roots are much older and many of the descriptions and language it contains are not relevant or appropriate for today’s education system. The Education Act Review looked at what is needed in Guernsey and Alderney and how education legislation has been updated in other jurisdictions, particularly in other parts of the British Isles .

Education seeks feedback in a questionnaire that

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