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Business Intelligence Developer Bloomberg Interviu Questions – Seemingly overnight, remote work – and by extension, virtual interviews – have become the new normal. For those who employ, the transition has forced the interview process to adapt to a remote format in a matter of weeks. For the most part, it has been a hectic and challenging transformation (to say the least).

But luckily, the transition to virtual interviews was something Bloomberg’s engineering organization had inadvertently prepared for. They have been refining their engineering hiring process for years, focusing on creating a standardized and consistent hiring process that maintains a static hiring bar across the organization. That’s a big part of what helped them make the transition to virtual interviews in a matter of weeks.

Business Intelligence Developer Bloomberg Interviu Questions

Since 2014, Kristen Arena has helped shape Bloomberg’s hiring process in both on-campus and experienced recruiting. He currently leads a team in campus recruiting, and is the lead recruiter for their CTO office.

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CEO and Co-Founder Vivek Ravisankar sat down with Kristen to learn how Bloomberg was able to adapt to virtual interviews in the face of stay-at-home orders. You can listen to his full audio interview below, or keep reading for our main takeaways.

Even before the stay-at-home orders were implemented, the Bloomberg team relied on a standardized interview process to hire for its engineering team. And according to Kristen, it is those standardizations that help ease the transition to virtual interviews.

Kristen says that although the process has some nuances in different roles, the interview process for most Bloomberg engineering roles follows a similar format. It generally consists of a phone interview followed by a few rounds of technical and HR interviews in person, either at our office or on campus.

“We have a very solid foundation, and a structure in place,” explains Kristen. Bloomberg used that existing structure to translate it into an online process. “We were able to say, ‘Okay, how do we keep it intact?’ How do we do it remotely?”

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The goal was to take the existing interview process—from the tech phone interview to the in-person HR interview—and replicate it in a virtual environment without sacrificing the personal touch of an in-person experience. Although the first step of the interview process was already carried out remotely, the other steps are traditionally done on site. So they had to be translated into a remote experience.

In addition to this, they also had to adapt their internal procedures to maintain the same evaluation process: from pre-interview briefs, to interviewer preparation, to group debriefs.

Bloomberg’s transformation to a virtual interview process happened in a matter of weeks. But despite the tight timeline, they spared no amount of effort to ensure that the new virtual process was thorough and focused on the candidates.

One change that Bloomberg had to report: strengthening the preparation of candidates. “We always pride ourselves on really making sure our candidates feel comfortable with the interview process,” explains Kristen. That’s why they had already invested so much in their robust library of candidate preparation resources before the transition to remote work. “Our approach, given the situation, was just to adopt the same mentality, but increase it.”

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To go further to make candidates comfortable with this new format, the Bloomberg team implemented a few primary changes:

Together, these new measures help put candidates at ease – and in turn, allow them to do their best in the interview. “In the context of remote interviews, things can really get lost. So we want to make sure they feel comfortable,” explains Kristen.

The shift to a virtual interview process also requires a shift in internal preparation, especially when it comes to interviewers. “Our goal is always to make sure the candidate is comfortable and has a great experience. And that really comes directly from the interviewers,” notes Kristen. “When we made the transition to remote interviewing, we were well aware that this posed a new set of challenges for both interviewers and candidates.”

Fortunately, their interviewers already had a strong foundation to build on, as all interviewers at Bloomberg go through a training process before interviewing candidates. “I’m trained on how to assess different skills, how to ask technical questions, and how to make sure that each candidate will be a cultural addition to Bloomberg,” explains Kristen.

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The structure gave them a head start in the transition to virtual interviews, but they still had to prepare for the change. To prepare, they helped the interviewers to replicate the site on site,

The interview process may have changed, but according to Kristen, Bloomberg’s hiring plans have not changed. “We’re hiring as usual,” she reports. Their internships and work have gone 100% virtual for the time being, but hiring has not slowed down. “Candidates are always looking for roles, and we are always looking for candidates. Therefore, we have done our best to ensure that our process aligns with the current situation, and that candidates feel supported.”

For Bloomberg’s recruiting team, this means adopting a candidate-centric approach: one where empathy dictates the interview process. “I think it’s that relationship-building piece, and really let the candidate lead the process: listen to them, listen to what their challenges are from a remote perspective, and be empathetic too. I think the human aspect is critical,” he says Kristen.

Will we go back to old post-pandemic hiring processes and practices? Kristen is cautiously optimistic. “I think hopefully one day we’ll get back to in-person interviews,” she says. “I think it will always be an element, because it is appreciated and important.”

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But on the other hand, she says, she could see a world where candidates could have more options to choose virtual interviews, but nothing is set in stone yet.

For Bloomberg, process changes forced by stay-at-home orders have inadvertently tested their adaptability, notes Kristen. “I think [these changes] have opened another door – another way of being able to recruit in a way that maybe we didn’t think was possible or useful before. But it is. And we’re doing it.” While cleaning my drafts on Medium, I found an article that may be useful for some people who applied for a Market Data Analyst position at Bloomberg.

The position I applied for was a 2020 Market Data Analyst position in Korea. Please keep in mind that the interview process may differ from region to region. The whole process took 3 weeks.

The first thing you do after submitting your application is to take a plum assessment. Prugna’s assessment is a pre-employment assessment that helps the company measure a variety of qualities, such as problem-solving skills and social intelligence. It takes about 25 minutes. The rating link expires in 72 hours.

Making Remote Work: How Bloomberg Adapted To Virtual Interviews

Look at the items in the top row and decide which of the items in the bottom row comes next in the sequence:

There are many follow-up questions like this. If you look closely, you can see that the shapes (black square, black heart and gray star) in the first row repeat and move down the row. The answer is D. If you are good at finding patterns, you will have no problem.

If you are selected, you will be invited to do a pre-recorded video interview, which you must complete within 3 days of receipt. I had 6 questions – for each question, I had 30 seconds to prepare, and 1 min and 30 seconds to answer. I only had one try.

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